Enormous English Portland Stone Dining Table or Bar

Enormous English Portland Stone Dining Table or Bar

This magnificent table dates to around the 1960s and comprises a single Portland Stone slab top that is over 3 inches thick and four original Tuscan-style column supports. We think it may have originally been an altar! The top is in perfect condition with a wonderful mottled gray and white weathered surface, and the four supports have retained their original white color with just a bit of surface dirt/dust on them that we will remove before shipping. The foot of one of the supports has a broken corner (see photo #10), but we will have it professionally restored. The overall height of the table at present is 40.25" perfect for an outdoor bar, or we can cut down the supports to bring the table to your desired dining height. Weighing in at around 1800-2000 lbs. for the top, a forklift will be required to move it. Portland Stone is a very durable and hard stone that has been used in England since the 17th century as the primary stone for major building facades and so you will have no worries about leaving this table out year-round unprotected. The top weighs around 2000 lbs., so a forklift will be required to place it.

England, CA 1960.

H: 40.25 in  D: 35.13 in  W: 108.25 in

Price:  $28,000 RESERVED

Ref: FTC 1001

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