Lichened French Stone Gothic Planter or Font

Although this piece is a marriage between an early 20th C cast stone bowl and an 18th C carved stone pedestal, the difference is indistinguishable to all but the most trained eye. The patina is glorious with loads of white, green and orange lichen, and moss as well. The 23" diameter x 14" high bowl lifts off the pedestal for easy transport and can hold a profuse planting or a water pump for a self-contained fountain. Petite, but with great presence, it would make a stunning focal point in a small herb garden. The foot of the base measures 13" square.

France, CA 1910 & 1780.

H: 26.5 in (67.31 cm)  D: 23 in (58.42 cm)

Price:  SOLD

Ref: CPL 1110