Five English 18th Century Staddle Stones

Staddle stones were originally used by the English and French as foundation stones for granaries to lift the buildings above grade. Their unique design prevented vermin from climbing up the sides and over the tops to eat the grain stored in the granaries. These 5 are beauties and all differ a bit in size and form, but would make a wonderful grouping in your woodland garden. Alternatively, choose two to guard the entrance to your home or garden. Loaded with moss and lichen, they are durable in cold winters and do not need to be brought inside. Please call for individual dimensions, which all differ a bit, but range in height from 26" to 32.5" high and 19.25" to 20.5" diameter tops. 

England, CA 1780.

H: 31 in (79 cm)  D: 20 in (51 cm)

Price:  SOLD

Ref: SST 1011 - 1015