English Octagonal Carved Stone Birdbath

This hand-carved octagonal Purbeck stone birdbath is quite rare in that it has 2 drinking wells for your feathered friends. The top bowl features a center bird perch, while the base has been configured to also accept water. In exceptional condition with a lovely weathered patina and bits of moss, this birdbath in 3 parts will make a stunning focal point in your small herb garden or place it among hostas and vinca in a woodland setting. Purbeck is a hard English limestone that will withstand cold climates, although we recommend turning the top bowl upside down over the winter. The top bowl measures 16.5" diameter while the base measures 17.5" diameter.

England, CA 1910.

H: 32 in  Diameter: 17.5 in

Price: SOLD

Ref: BB 1021