Seven 19th Century French Bisquit Terracotta Pendant Lights

Now here's something you won't see every day! We found these wonderful weathered bisquit terracotta pipes in France and have converted them into hanging pendant lights. In terrific shape with only a few minor chips that do not affect their look or serviceability, they each have 6 feet of bronzed chain, brown silk cord wires, and sockets that fit regular lightbulbs, although we have chosen to go with round clear vintage style bulbs of 60 watts (they can take up to 75 watts each). Each is sold with a round expresso black/brown canopy, included in the price. Perfect over a kitchen island, a bar, or any place in your home that calls for a cool contemporary look up-cycled from antique materials.

France, CA 1880 & 2017.

H: 19.75 in  D: 4.5 in

Price:  SOLD

Ref: LCH 1024 A-G