Stunning Large French Terracotta Biot Pot

Stunning Large French Terracotta Biot Pot

This fabulous handmade terracotta pot originated in the Provençal town of Biot and was used to store olive oil. The interior glaze that extends to around the rim was used to prevent vermin from climbing into the oil inside. In perfect condition with exceptional patina, the photos show the pot in both sunlight (true creamy color) and on an overcast day where it appears more gray in the photos than in person. These pots make an elegant statement around a pool or in a large foyer and are magnificent in a grouping, perhaps by the entrance to your home on in a courtyard. Please note that because Biot pots are glazed only on the interior and rim, they are not suitable for overwintering outside in cold climates except if emptied and covered. While we can drill them to function as planters, we recommend a custom fiberglass lining that we can have made for you.

Be wary of any Biot pots of this size that are considerably cheaper. There are tons of knockoffs out there, but we guarantee the authenticity of ours.

France, CA 1820.

H: 38 in  Diameter: 30 in

Original Price:  $7,150

Ref: CPO 1028