Rare 17th Century Biot Pot with Fleur-de-lis Markings

A true find! Dating to the mid-late 17th century, this olive oil jar hails from the Provençal town of Biot, famous for its handmade pots. This one is special because it features Fleur-de-Lis decorations around the glazed rim, which was the identifying mark of a particular merchant. By marking his pots, the merchant would always know which ones were his and they could be returned to be filled with oil over and over again. In excellent antique condition, the body has no chips or cracks and the rim has only a few old and weathered chips to mark its age. Although Biot pots can be drilled to function as planters, they are not durable outside in cold winters because they are glazed only inside and on the rim. Instead, we suggest you use them in a decorative grouping inside or out.

France, CA 1670.

H: 37 in  D: 24 in

Price: SOLD

Ref: CPO 1033