Enormous Round French Glazed Terracotta Planter/Fountain

Originally used to boil water for laundry, and known in France as a "Gres", this one is particularly lovely. Its huge size, lovely muted patina, and decorative elements that were hand-imprinted on the exterior of the pot make for a stunning and unusual planter or fountain. It retains its original drain-hole so plumbing is a cinch, and because it is glazed inside and out, it can be left outside year-round in harsh climates provided it is emptied, covered, and raised up a little on feet so that the drain-hole does not become plugged. Imagine it in the center of a low boxwood garden with a tall central flume of water!

France, CA 1840.

H: 28 in  Diameter: 38 5/8 in 

Price:  SOLD

Ref: CPO 1038