Unusual French Rectangular Galvanized Steel Dining Table

Unusual French Rectangular Galvanized Steel Dining Table

We adore the funkiness of this pair of hand-made galvanized tables that were constructed to abut each other to make an enormous dining table. A few of the legs have a bit of teak showing through on the legs, but we think this only lends to their charm. Difficult to tell from the photos, the surface features a cross-hatched diamond design with elevated parts, but fortunately, the maker was clever enough to leave the places for diners flat. Definitely one of a kind, these would be equally at home outside in your garden or terrace or inside as a main dining table in an modern or industrial setting. These tables will comfortably seat 10. Please be aware that when we bought these, they were sitting in a garden and so we did not notice that three of the legs on the back table are shorter than the front table and so will require shimming if they are not going back to the garden where you can level them by embedding the front table in the soil. Alternatively, we can cut the front table down to match the back one if they are to sit on a paved surface or inside. Height listed below is for the table with shims. If we cut the legs, the table will be lowered to a finished height of approximately 28 inches.

France, CA 1950s.

H: 29 3/8 in  D: 51.5 in  W: 81 5/8 in

Price:  $3,200

Ref: FTD 1028

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