Rare French Faux Bois Pond with Arched Bridge

Rare French Faux Bois Pond with Arched Bridge

Now here is a show-stopper for lovers of faux bois! The very rare single-piece kidney-shaped pond is sufficiently deep to float water plants or pot it up with your favorite flowers or veggies. The moss-laden bridge is original to the pond, but lifts off for easy transport and you can walk on it! There is a small old repair to the back edge of the bridge that is very solid and in no way impacts looks or serviceability. The pond is meant to be sunk into the ground, but is also very attractive left above grade. We have applied multiple coats of black rubberized sealant on the exterior of the pond, as well as fixed the cracks and applied waterproof sealant on the entire interior, so the pond is watertight. We would recommend that this piece not be installed below grade in a garden located in harsh climates because the freeze-thaw cycle will wreak havoc with the pond. It will, however, be perfectly fine left outdoors year-round in cold climates if placed on feet or footings, left above grade, emptied and covered for the winter. The bridge will be fine left uncovered. For the true faux bois connoisseur, this is a piece not to be missed.

France, CA 1930.

Pond: H: 10.5 in  D: 42 in  W: 82.5 in

Bridge: H: 14.5 in  D: 34 in  W: 16.5 in

Price:  $13,500

Ref: FOU 1015

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