Bronze Serpent Armillary on Tall French Limestone Pedestal

The rare form of this bronze serpent armillary, its large size and gorgeous verdigris patina make it a most desirable piece. The armillary features a fanged serpent, stunning bas relief hour numbers, and two beetle scarabs at the ends of the numbered piece. Perched atop a tall 18th C French limestone pedestal with lovely weathering and moss on the foot, the combo would make a fabulous focal point in your herb or rose garden. Please note that the arrow and feathers of the armillary have been recently added, but this in no way detracts from its beauty or utility. We also have added a plate to the bottom of the armillary with screw holes and accompanying screws to attach the armillary to the top of the pedestal so you will have a seamless installation.

Denmark, CA 1930 (armillary). France, CA 1780 (pedestal).

Overall: H: 65 1/8"  D: 17.25"  W: 17.5"

Armillary: H: 23 5/8"  D: 17.25"  W: 17.5"

Pedestal: H: 39.5"  D: 12.5"  W: 12.75"

Price:  SOLD

Ref: SUA 1005 + SPE 1020