Two Enormous Hourglass "Diabolo" Planters by Willy Guhl

Two Enormous Hourglass "Diabolo" Planters by Willy Guhl

Now these are a real showstoppers! Tall "Diabolo" planters are quite difficult to find, but we have scored six of the tallest ever made, all sporting fabulous, different polychromed patinas. Designed by the iconic Willy Guhl in the 1960s, and made of fiber cement by Eternit, SA, these are the ultimate mid-century modern garden statement pieces. Group together with our squat (#CPL 1129) Willy Guhl planters for a stunning display at various heights. All are in excellent condition, some are stamped "Eternit", and one retains its original red label. Lightweight and durable in all climates, these should be emptied of soil before cold winters set in. Priced and sold individually. Please note that the red, green, yellow/orange and pale blue one have sold, so the two with white and grey surface remain.

Swiss, CA 1960s.

H: 35.5-36.0 in  Diameter: 21.5 in

Price:  $2,800 each

Ref: CPL 1127 e, f