Set of Fourteen French Antique Painted Wooden Boules

Set of Fourteen French Antique Painted Wooden Boules

Dating to the late 19th century, this wonderful set of French boules comprises three large balls, each with worn and original painted stripes in yellow, red, blue and green, and the two smaller accompanying target balls, both in red. We believe them to be hand-carved from oak, but they may be beech or sycamore and do have a lovely warm light patina. Please note that one of the target balls has been repaired with two screws. Used to play the game Pétanque (the French equivalent of Bocce), these make a wonderful decorative statement piled high in a glass cylinder or set in curtain rings as a mantlepiece or coffee table display (so they don't roll). The 12 large boules range in diameter from 4 to 4.25 inches, while the repaired target ball measures 2.5 inches in diameter and the smaller target ball measures 2.25 inches in diameter. Please note the white serving plate is not included.

France, CA 1880.

Diameter:  4.25, 4, 2.5, 2.25 in 

Price:  $975, the set

Ref: FBA 1019