Four Large Willy Guhl Biomorphic Planters

Four Large Willy Guhl Biomorphic Planters

Biomorphic planters are our personal favorites inasmuch as they resemble taco shells and have substantial planting wells. Designed by the iconic Willy Guhl in the 1960s and made by Eternit, SA of durable and lightweight fiber cement, these beauties will work in all climates. These ones are particularly stunning because of their perfect patina and condition. Mix and match with some of the plethora of other Willy Guhl planters of all shapes and sizes that we were fortunate enough to source on our most recent buying trip. We originally had 7 of these, but 3 have sold, so only 4 remain.

Swiss, CA 1960s.

H: 14 in  Diameter: 31.75 in  

Price:  $ 2,500 each

Ref: CPL 1115 a, b, c; CPL 1114 a