Two Enormous Willy Guhl Saucer Planters

Two Enormous Willy Guhl Saucer Planters

We were fortunate enough to be able to score three of these enormous saucer planters, all in wonderful condition and with beautifully aged patina. The one with chippy aqua paint (that can easily be removed) and the one to the far left in the first photo are a true pair and numbered (and so are authenticated Willy Guhl pieces), but the one to the far right (SOLD) is unnumbered, just a tad taller, and has a slightly different rim, so it may have been made later by Eternit who made all of Willy Guhl's designs or by Élo, a French competitor of Eternit's with very similar designs. The planters are made from fiber cement, which is both lightweight and durable in all climates. The scale is striking and mounded with moss or a huge display of sedum, they would be fabulous on the terrace of a large contemporary home or flanking an entranceway. Priced and sold individually.

Swiss, CA 1960s.

Aqua Planter: H: 11.5 in  Diameter: 58.5 in

Left Planter: H: 11.5 in  Diameter: 58.75 in

Right Planter: H: 12 in  Diameter: 58.5 in SOLD

Price:  $3,600 each

Ref: CPL 1116 a, b