Seven French Wallpaper Roller Lamp Bases

Seven French Wallpaper Roller Lamp Bases

When wallpaper is printed by hand, separate rollers are made to each imprint a different color on the background. These vintage rollers from the 1930s are truly unusual and would make great lamps or sculptural elements on a mantlepiece or table. Ranging in height from 23.75" to 20.5" and between 5.75" and 7.5" in diameter, they are easily converted to lamps because of their hollow insides. Many are made of mahogany with hand carved wooden or bronze appliqués. Please call or email for specific dimensions.

PLEASE NOTE that the two middle ones shown in the lead photo have been sold.

France, CA 1930.

Price:  $525 each SALE PRICE: $250 each

Ref: LLA 1027 - 1033