Tiled Arts and Crafts Bamboo Stick Stand

Tiled Arts and Crafts Bamboo Stick Stand

Wow! What a beauty and even the repaired tile on the left-hand side does not detract from its elegant presence. This real bamboo stick stand is beautifully crafted and has amazing little touches, such as the engraved brass buttons on the four top corners and the original galvanized drip tray. Perfect in a small space to hold umbrellas. Left hand tile has been repaired. Otherwise, in beautiful antique condition. Possible to have the repaired area that shows white painted to blend in.

English, CA 1910.

H: 34 in  D: 9.5 in  W: 27.25 in 

Price:  $1,200 SALE PRICE: $600

Ref: DSS 1010

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