Pair of Huge Carved Sandstone Balls on Bronze Feet

Pair of Huge Carved Sandstone Balls on Bronze Feet

This magnificent and rare pair of very large hand-carved red sandstone balls has verdigris bronze feet. Over the years, they have developed an amazing patina that, to our eye, resembles the planet Jupiter, and the combination of blackened coal dust from the north of England and greening surface from our garden has combined to make an unforgettable impression. If placed in a moist and shady place, these will grow moss over time. In overall lovely antique condition with age-appropriate nicks and bumps. One ball has a missing foot that prevents the ball from standing upright, and the other has a bent foot, but the feet can be fixed or removed if you so desire. Alternatively, you could bury the feet in the garden and no one will be the wiser. 

England, CA 1890. 

H: 24 in  D: 20 in

Original Price:  $7,050, the pair

Sale Price:  $3,000, the pair

Ref: FBA 1002