Impressive French Steel Trellis

Impressive French Steel Trellis

We have transformed this huge and very heavy painted steel window frame into an arched arbor or trellis that's perfect for your climbing vines or roses. Impressive in scale and form, we have added four 14" long steel spikes to the bottom so that the arch can be safely sunk into concrete footings or the ground itself (please note that if you choose not to use footings, the arch will need to be leaned against a wall). Imagine it with a Montana Rubens clematis at the entrance to your garden!

French, CA 1900.

Overall height with spikes: 129"
Overall height without spikes: 105"
Interior height with spikes: 82"
Interior height without spikes: 68"
Overall outside width: 108.25"
Interior width (center opening): 62"

H: 129 in  D: 1.5 in  W: 108.25 in

Price:  $7,925

Ref: POR 1027