French Handmade Triangular Wooden Clés des Prunes (Prune Drying Racks)

We love these marvelous and large triangular "Clés des Prunes" that were used to dry plums in large ovens. Agen, the capital of the Lot et Garonne in southwestern France, is known as the "Prune Capital of the World" and these triangular racks are from the Lot et Garonne. An adjoining region, the Dordogne, has its own snowshoe-shaped clés des prunes and we have a few of those as well. Presently, we have 5 triangular racks that vary slightly in size but all are in very good shape. We use them as modern geometric wall art, but they also can be mounted on a large piece of plywood and would make a superb headboard. PLEASE NOTE these are priced and sold individually.

France, CA 1920.

H: 37.5 in (95.25 cm) D: 1 in (2.54 cm) W: 25.75 in (65.405 cm)

Price:  SOLD

Ref: DSR 1005 - 1021