English Cast Stone Statue of Aphrodite Holding a Quince

This beautiful cast stone statue of Aphrodite holding her traditional symbol, the quince, is mid-20th century but is surmounted on a 19th century painted terra cotta pedestal with lots of lichen and greening. With a gorgeous weathered surface, she lends a timeless classical element to the middle of a rose garden or boxwood parterre. In perfect condition, she measures 50" H x 12.5" W x 12" D base and the pedestal measures 16" sq x 11.5" H, so 61.5" H overall.

England, CA 1960.

H: 61.5 in (156.21 cm) D: 12 in (30.48 cm) W: 12.5 in (31.75 cm)


Ref: SFG 1024