Important English Carved Stone & Bronze Sundial, Signed "John Smith 1882"

Important English Carved Stone & Bronze Sundial, Signed "John Smith 1882"

Without a doubt, this is the most magnificent and important sundial we have ever owned. The 40" hi fluted octagonal pedestal is carved from a single piece of Yorkstone, lightly weathered, and in terrific condition except for a minor loss to one side of the foot. The naturally verdigris lipped bronze dial plate measures 22" in diameter with a 7.5" tall gnomon and is truly the color in image #8. It is signed and dated 1882 by the famous dial maker, John Smith, who also crafted the vertical sundial at Castle Howard in England. The sundial plate, which tells time accurately to the minute, is engraved in English, Greek and Latin with a plethora of philosophical statements, including "What is Deity?", "What is Eternity?" and a passage from St. Paul to the Ephesians (in Greek). Its main motto is "Time by Moments Slips Away, First the Hour, Then the Day". But its coup de grace is that when it is noon in Middlesbrough, England, the sundial simultaneously tells the correct time in New York City and Melbourne, Australia. We have a packet of information on this collector's piece, including a biography of John Smith. The sundial plate has been detached from the base for shipping and can easily be reassembled on site.

England, 1882.

H: 48 in  D: 24 in

Price:  $28,000

Ref: SUN 1010