Bronze Sculpture "Pan of Rohallion" by Frederick William MacMonnies

Inscribed on the base "To Pan Of Rohallion Anno Domini MDCClXL" in block letters. Signed "Frédérick MacMonniés Copyright 1894. Paris 1890", on the reverse of the orb. Foundry Stamp under MacMonnies' signature, "E. Gruet Jeune Fondeur Avenue de Chatillon Paris". 

Dark bronze patina with slight verdigris to rim of base, excellent condition, lacking original pipes.

"Pan of Rohallion" was one of MacMonnies' most successful works. Originally commissioned by banker and collector, Edward Dean Adams, it was cast as an over-life-size bronze to adorn a fountain on his estate, Rohallion, in Sea Bright, New Jersey. As Janis Conner and Joel Rosencranz comment, "The first sculpture that MacMonnies produced for sale as a 'parlor piece,' it was a great commercial success and three other versions --10, 15 and 30 inches high--were subsequently made, offering enough variety for any niche, shelf or vitrine in a fashionable household." "I never made anything that I sold so many of" the sculptor later recalled. So popular were these statuettes that they were cast by four foundries, including Gruet, Jaboeuf-Rouard and Leblanc-Barbiedienne in Paris and Roman Bronze Works in New York." (J. Conner and J. Rosenkranz, op. cit., p. 126).

A dark bronze "Pan of Rohallion" 30" hi, with pipes and identical signature, stamped "J.A. Boeuf Rouard Fonduers a Paris 10H2 R. de L`Aisle Popincourt" sold for $39,400 by Christie's in 2007.

A gilded bronze "Pan of Rohallion" 30" hi, with pipes and identical signature and foundry mark was sold by Sotheby's New York in April, 2015 for $25,000.

France, 1890.

H: 30.5 in (77.47 cm) D: 7 in (17.78 cm) W: 9 in (22.86 cm)


Ref: SC 1013