Large French Cast Stone Red Deer Stag

This magnificent cast stone statue of a Red Deer Stag is masterful in all respects. A full complement of antlers cascade down his back and his mouth is open as he reaches for a delicacy just out of his grasp. Even his bottom teeth are visible in this lifelike rendition. The stag sports a crusty and old painted white surface with loads of lichen and the base that depicts grass with rocks is a melange of green paint for the grass and the appropriate white for the rocks. If you are not a fan of the green base, we can alter it for you. The stag has an old crack to the right side of his muzzle and neck that is stable and does not need repair at the present time, but we can undertake one if you desire. Otherwise in wonderful condition.

France, CA 1920.

H: 50 in  D: 17 in  W: 49 in

Price:  SOLD

Ref: SAN 1060