English Polychromed Terracotta Lion on Carved Stone Plinth

English Polychromed Terracotta Lion on Carved Stone Plinth

We were thrilled to find this rare and regal lion integrally mounted on a carved Yorkstone plinth in the rural Midlands of England, even though he was covered in bright red paint. After lifting more than 40 coats of red, green, yellow, black, and pale blue paint, the resultant surface is simply marvelous! His alert posture and welcoming countenance would make the perfect addition to a garden wall or beside an entrance. This piece has a beautiful polychromed surface throughout; minor old damage to two claws of right front paw and left inner haunch; visible unmovable crack to left side of stone plinth, shown in Photo #3. We purposely left this lion outside and uncovered over the winter to see if the crack opened and it did not. There is also a chunk out of the plinth on the bottom back left corner (Photo #5) which does not detract from the overall effect.

England, mid-19th C.

H: 23.5 in  D: 12 in  W: 35 in

Price:  $6,800 RESERVED

Ref: SAN 1015

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