English Marble Statue of Doe and Dawn on Boulder Pedestal

English 19th C Marble Statue of Doe and Dawn on Boulder Pedestal

We were thrilled to have found this amazing marble statue in England, even though the ears on the doe have been replaced. With an incredible lichened and mossy surface, the statue depicts a nursing fawn and sits atop a boulder we sourced in Connecticut especially for this piece. Overall, the condition is very good, although there are old and very good repairs to the legs of the doe. Over time, the ears will weather down to match the rest of the figure, but we can also pursue a treatment to accelerate the surfacing of the ears. This piece is so impressive, it would make the perfect focal point on a large lawn, in the center of a spacious parterre, or in a woodland garden.

England, CA 1860.

H: 69 in  D: 27 in  W: 52 in

Price:  $32,500

Ref: SAN 1059

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