Pair of French Carved Limestone Garden Seats

Pair of French Carved Limestone Garden Seats

These beautiful limestone benches, each in 3 parts, are carved in the style of the 12th C, although they date to the mid-20th C. Each has simple volute supports, 3" thick tops, and curved front corners with a reverse bullnose edge. The back sides of the tops and supports are flat, as in the 12th C, they would have been mortared to a wall. We have seen nearly identical benches at the Chartreuse Monastery in Villeneuve Avignon, France. We have two pairs, and are selling and pricing them by the pair. Overall, excellent condition, but one top has a small bite out of the right side. Please note that these benches are totally sturdy standing alone and do not need any support. 

France, CA 1960.

H: 19 in  D: 13.5 in  W: 55 in

Price:  $5,950 the pair

Ref: FBE 1049 + 1050