Spanish Demi-Glazed Terracotta Amphora

Spanish Demi-Glazed Terracotta Amphora

Originally used to hold wine, oil, and water, this lovely amphora is made of heavy hand-thrown terracotta and features decorative glazing around the top. The large stripes are actually the signature of the Basquaise artisan who made it. In wonderful condition with all handles present and intact. Although it does not have drain holes, we are happy to drill them for you so you can plant your favorite topiary or spray of flowers. PLEASE NOTE that we have three of these amphora, all slightly different, but they would make a stunning grouping on your porch or in your garden.

Spain, CA 1910.

H: 24 in  D: 20 in

Original Price:  $2,200

Sale Price:  $1,225

Ref: COA 1007