Three Huge Willy Guhl Elephant Ear Planters

Three Huge Willy Guhl Elephant Ear Planters

Designed by the iconic Willy Guhl, and manufactured by Eternit, SA of Switzerland, these massive and distinctive Elephant Ear planters each has a different weathered surface. They will make an exceptional architectural statement in your contemporary garden or at the beach, mounded with moss and with a center of wavy grasses. Fiber cement is durable in all climates so no worries about leaving these beauties outdoors. Two are in perfect condition and the one with the medium patina in the center has a very small loss to one corner. Priced and sold separately.

Switzerland, CA 1960.

H: 12 in  D: 32 in  W: 38 in 

Price:  $2,750 each

Ref: CPL 1093 B, C; CPL 1130