Pair of Large-Scale Canted Cast Stone Planters

Pair of Large-Scale Canted Cast Stone Planters

These large canted bowl are just sensational! Made from a creamy cast stone with just the faintest of pink cast when wet, they have heavy gray pebble aggregate visible on the rims. They will accommodate even the largest and most profuse plantings. In very good condition, one has a hairline crack and the other three hairline cracks visible in the photos. However, we have had these bowls in our personal garden for over 5 years and they have weathered the nasty CT winters outside without the cracks expanding or extending. Nonetheless, we can epoxy the inside of them if you like. Perfect in a contemporary garden, at the beach, or in a classical parterre to give it a fresh, modern feel. Please note that we have a second pair for sale that are pink in color and in perfect condition...Stock #CPL 1065.

England, CA 1960.

H: 17 in (43.18 cm) D: 44.5 in (113.03 cm)

Price:  $4,600, the pair

Ref: CPL 1066