Magnificent French Marble Trefoil Fountain Basin

Magnificent French Marble Trefoil Fountain Basin

This superb and heavily-carved marble fountain basin is without peer. French and dating to the mid to late 18th C, it was removed from Lohgrame, the summer estate of George Scott Graham (1850-1931), an active Philadelphia attorney and politico who served for many years as the U.S Representative for the 2nd District of Pennsylvania. It has undergone a year-long complete and sympathetic restoration and cleaning and is now ready for the next 200 years.

The trefoil-shaped basin comes in four parts, each heavily and deeply carved in bas relief with be-ribboned swags of fruit and anthemion leaves. The center of each part features a medallion carved with a Lion Rampart, a Prancing Horse, an Elephant, and a Fleur-de-Lys.

When sited, it will require a poured concrete floor and the four sections to be mortared together. The long sides weigh approximately 700 pounds each and the total weight is around 2000 lbs.

Perfect for the center of a parterre or gracing a formal loggia or foyer with a simple flume of water emanating from the center. Alternatively, place our elegant marble tazza fountain (stock #FOU 1005) on an elevated pedestal in the center of this basin for a truly magnificent effect.

France, CA 1770.

H: 18 in  D: 42 in  W: 84 in

Price:  $56,000 RESERVED

Ref: FOU 1010