Impressive Coalbrookdale Cast Iron Log Planter on Original Twig Stand

An exceptionally rare piece, this very large cast iron log planter with original, but separate, "twig" stand is unsigned, but reliably attributed to the famous English foundry, Coalbrookdale, the only maker of this form. It has an amazing crusty surface comprising a bit of old paint, some rust and lots of lichen and would look perfect on a front porch to the side of a door. Truly indistinguishable from a real log until you're about 12 inches away. If paired with tall chairs, would also make a fabulous table base, filled with moss and covered with a thick glass top (or we can lower it to 30" finished height). Recent and very well-executed brazed repair to one end of the log, presently visible, but will fade in the next year or two with continued outdoor exposure. Structurally sound, surface commensurate with age.

England, CA 1870.

H: 32 in  D: 18 in  W: 46 in

Price:  SOLD

Ref: CPL 1035