Naturalistic Scottish Fireclay Garden Seat

Naturalistic Scottish Fireclay Garden Seat

We found this amazing fireclay garden seat in the far northern reaches of England, close to the Scottish border. Shaped like a tree trunk, it is covered with bark, leaves, knotholes and even a few seedpods, all hand-sculpted in bas relief. The slightly concave top has a large drainage hole and is very comfortable...with or without a cushion. It would also make a sensational side table or pedestal for a statue. In excellent condition overall; miniscule traces of old paint; old separation at base was designed to be like that by the artist to mimic a real tree trunk. Please note that photos 1-5 show the seat when dry, while photos 6-8 show the seat when wet.

Scotland, CA 1870.

H: 23.5  W: 22 in  D: 17 in

Price:  $4,250

Ref: SPE 1001