Rare French Faux Bois Fountain or Planter

This rare form one-piece faux bois fountain came from a private garden in the east of France and ticks all of our boxes. Medium in size, with extraordinary patina and bits of moss at the edge of the bowl, it has a large fountain well with piping and drain holes and is ready to go. In excellent condition overall, it has a few minor chips to the rim of the bowl, but nothing that impairs its beauty or functionality. Alternatively, if you live in a warm climate that does not experience ground freezing, you could bury the fountain a couple of inches into the turf, fill with shells, coral, or plants, and cover with a large 60"-72" glass round to make an amazing dining table for 10-12. It would also make a stunning focal point at the center of a garden, potted up in extravagant style or with mounded moss for a contemporary Zen look.

France, CA 1930.

H: 30.71 in  D: 35.83 in

Price:  SOLD

Ref: FOU 1014