Rustic 12 Foot French Walnut Dining Table

Rustic 12 Foot French Walnut Dining Table

When we bought this rustic table in Provence, it had so much staining to the top that we really felt it needed to be redone. Who would have thought such amazing grain would reveal itself? The double plank walnut top tells its age, while the untouched very rustic trestle-like bases are thought to be original. We have left the top raw awaiting your choice of finish and the bases can be painted, varnished, or left as is. The top is in excellent condition, while the bases have some evidence of old wormwood and are roughly constructed. What a focal point in a rustic barn dining room that will comfortably seat 12 or more. Please note that we also have a pair of trestles that will work wonderfully with this table, so give us a call if you’d like photos of them (the sale price is for the table as is with the very rustic bases).

France, CA 1820 or earlier.

H: 28.5 in  D: 38 in  W: 146 in

Price:  $8,200

Ref: FTW 1005