Folk Art Grain Painted Wooden Suitcase

Folk Art Grain Painted Wooden Suitcase

Amazing grain painting makes this a whimsical decorative piece, maybe for stacking with other suitcases. If you look closely, you will see that this appears to have been made from an old top dresser drawer and features the original brass handle and escutcheon. There is no lock, so if stands on its side, it will open, but our amazing restoration and fix-it-all man can figure out a good closure mechanism if you like. The inside bottom is ink-stamped with a series of numbers, as well as the image of an elephant pushing something.

United States, CA 1910.

H: 8 in  D: 15.5 in  W: 24.25 in

Price:  $775; Sale Price: $300

Ref: DSS 1011