16+ Foot Long French Oak Dining Table

Now here's a table that will do any large dining room proud! Made of red oak with decorative brass banding on the bottom of the legs, it has an ingenious sliding mechanism that allows it to be dissembled into two parts for shipping. When we found it in Provence, it had yucky white varnish on the top, that we have stripped and sanded smooth, awaiting your choice of finish. We had to photograph it before the snow came, so the legs are not finished in the photos and we have left them as is. We've left the top raw so that you can choose a natural, limed, painted, dark, or light finish, not included in the price. An incredible piece that will seat two at each end and 10-12 on each side. Perfect height for dining and the apron is shallow, so no worries about bumping your knees against it.

France, CA 1930.

H: 29.75 in  D: 43.25 in  W: 196.25 in

Price:  SOLD

Ref: FTW 1006