Zinc Putto Tabletop Fountain with Lead Shell Basin

Zinc Putto Tabletop Fountain with Lead Shell Basin

We've married these two pieces because they are so well-suited to each other. The 19th C zinc and spelter French putto fountainhead has exquisite detail and the water sprays gently from the top of his cornucopia into the shell-form basin. This piece would make a serene addition to a garden or sunroom. The lead basin is signed "Florentine Craftsmen" on the underside and dates to the 1940s. The fountain is self-contained as the re-circulating pump is hidden underneath the foot of the fountainhead.

Basin Alone : H; 10.5 in  Diameter: 20.5 in  diameter x 10.5" hi
Putto Dimensions: 10.5" diameter x 17.5" hi
Overall Dimensions : 22.5".

France, CA 1870 & 1940.

H: 22.5 in  D: 19 in  W: 20.5 in

Original Price:  $6,800

Sale Price:  $

Ref: FOH 1001 & FOB 1003

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