Single Willy Guhl Saucer Planter In Original Iron Stand

Single Willy Guhl Saucer Planter in Original Iron Stand

This classic Mid-Century Modern saucer planter in original iron stand is a bit smaller than the other five that we have, but works beautifully alone or in combination with our other saucer planters. Designed by the iconic Willy Guhl, numbered, and manufactured in fiber cement by Eternit, AG of Switzerland, it is perfect atop a large table mounded with moss or a variety of sedum. In near-perfect condition with old, weathered painted surface, it has a hairline crack that is approximately 7" long and extends inward from the rim, but will not affect serviceability. We can also have the crack restored for you for a modest up-charge. 

Switzerland, CA 1960.

H: 6.75 in  Diameter: 37.4 in

Price:  $1,975

Ref: CPL 1098