Pair of Statuesque French Cast Stone Trumpet Planters

Pair of Statuesque French Cast Stone Trumpet Planters

This statuesque pair of large cast stone trumpet-form planters is truly impressive. They feature an older white painted exterior surface, but could be stripped if you so desire. Tall enough to use as table bases, they would make an stunning statement flanking the entrance to your mid-century home, at the beach with tall wavy grasses inside, or mounded with moss. One is in perfect condition, while the other has a thin full-thickness crack that we can have restored for you if you like. There is actually a third planter, but it arrived from France with several cracks and will need restoration, so that one is presently not for sale. Do keep it in mind, however, should you need three! Dimensions below are exterior measurement (and the foot is 15" in diameter). Interior measurements for the planting well are 19" diameter (at the top) x 13.5" deep.

France, CA 1950.

H: 29 in (73.66 cm) D: 26.25 in (66.68 cm)

Price:  $4,200

Ref: CPL 1108