Pair of 19th C Zinc Bellflower Panels

Pair of 19th C Zinc Bellflower Panels

We are always in search of decorative architectural items for the wall and these stunning zinc panels do not disappoint. In marvelous condition with swaged bellflower decoration, they are in original chippy white pink (one panel's paint has a very pale pink cast to it), but can easily be stripped if you prefer. The edges can be folded back for a blind mounting or easily screwed into a wall as is. While we prefer to sell them as a pair, we would be willing to sell them individually.

France, CA 1880.

H: 27.75 in (70.49 cm) D: 0.2 in (0.51 cm) W: 50.25 in (127.64 cm)

Price:  $2,650, the pair

Ref: DAP 1022