Two Art Deco Stained Glass Headboards

Two Art Deco Stained Glass Headboards

These are simply amazing! Sourced from a Miami Beach movie theatre, where they once served as dividers between the main floor and mezzanine seating areas, they just happen to be the perfect size for Queen-sized headboards. Alternatively, they could be re-worked to make a magnificent oval banquet table. The 2" thick tubular brass frames enclose a border of faux-painted overlapping iron circles. In the center of each, a golden stained glass Palmetto Palm sits against a multi-hued rainbow of straw yellow, amber, cobalt, and amethyst-colored stained and leaded glass. The glass panels are backed with plexiglass on one side so no worries about breaking the glass. Magnificent and without peer when backlit. One is in perfect condition, the other has a single crack to a small pane of amethyst glass.
PLEASE NOTE these are priced and sold individually.

United States, CA 1920.

H: 66.25 in  D: 2 in  W: 67 in

Price:  $5,000 each

Ref: DSA 1004 + DSA 1005