Classical English Carved Stone Birdbath

Classical English Carved Stone Birdbath

This elegant Edwardian birdbath is hand-carved and beautifully weathered with some mossing. In perfect condition, except for one area on the base that has some flaking (see next-to-last photo), it would be the ideal accent piece in your small rose garden. Your feathered friends will appreciate the shallow bowl and the pink area inside is only the remnants of red algae that will scrub out. Carved birdbaths of this age and condition are impossible to find at a reasonable price these days, so don't wait until spring! The base measures 15" square, while the bowl measures 14" square.

England, CA 1910.

H: 28 in  D: 15 in  W: 15 in

Price:  $2,750

Ref: BB 1019