Pair Huge Willy Guhl Elephant Ear Planters

This is a gorgeous pair of Elephant Ear planters, designed by the iconic Willy Guhl and manufactured by Eternit, SA of Switzerland. Their fabulous form makes a real statement when potted up with dripping sedum and tall, wavy grasses or mounded with moss for a sleek, Zen look. Both are in perfect condition, but one is a bit more weathered than the other. The more weathered one has remnants of old green stripes on the underside that can easily be repainted if you don't like it as is, but this surface will barely be visible when planted.

France, CA 1950.

H: 12 in (30.48 cm) D: 36 in (91.44 cm) W: 38 in (96.52 cm)

Price:  SOLD

Ref: CPL 1106