Bronze Armillary on French Carved Limestone Pedestal

A stunning piece! We have paired a tall, 18th C hand-carved limestone baluster with a more modern bronze armillary on top (CA 1950). The arrow tip and feather are faux painted wood, nicely done, and screw on and off the gnomon for easy shipping. They have been clear-coated to protect against the elements. Overall height is 62.75". The armillary measures 23.75" hi x 18" wide x 17" deep (including arrow and feathered tail) and is a dark verdigris blue/green color. The baluster base is in wonderful, weathered and patinated condition and measures 40" hi x 12" square base x 10" square top. The perfect focal point at the center of your rose or herb garden.

France, CA 1780 and 1950..

H: 62.75 in  D: 17 in  W: 18 in

Price:  SOLD

Ref: SUA 1005