Early French Carved Wooden Vessels/Mortars

Early French Carved Wooden Vessels

This early and very beautiful pair of wooden vessels date from at least the 18th C and most probably, a lot earlier. Hand-carved from single pieces of wood (we think they may be chestnut), one is heavy and the other not so much, and would make a stunning addition to your bookcase, mantle or table, either as stark sculptural elements or softened with pine cones, shells or moss. We love them as display containers for our 19th C boules used to play the French game of Petanque. Please note that they are a much richer brown than in these photos and although they are not waxed, they could be. Because they are different and make fabulous display vessels, they are priced and sold separately.

France, 18th C or earlier.

H: 14 in  D: 10 in

Price:  $950 each

Ref: CVA 1004A (left) and Photos 5-6; CVA 1004B (right) and Photos 7-10.

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