French Carved Limestone Sink or Évier

French Carved Limestone Sink or Évier

Éviers (stone sinks) were a staple in every French house before indoor plumbing was available. An évier was located inside the front door of each home and water was ported through the stone walls via a pipe to allow washing up before entering the main living area. This beauty has amazing carving and although it has a few chips, we can have it restored for you, although simply keeping it outdoors will allow the lighter chipped areas to weather-over with the moss that is now growing on it. Bowl depth is only 3" but it is still serviceable as a powder room sink or leave outside with moss mounded in it for a stunning display.

France, CA 1720.

H: 6.5 in  D: 15 in  W: 20.5 in

Price:  $1,200

Ref: POT 1030