French Handblown Glass Melon Cloche Pendant Light

We've always had a thing for hand-blown French garden cloches that come in two configurations..."bell" form and "melon" form. This one is a melon cloche (a little shorter and slightly wider than a bell cloche) and it has been converted into a hanging light with three candelabra sockets that each accept up to a 75 watt bulb. The fittings are custom-crafted to each cloche and each light is sold with six feet of cord, matching chain and a canopy (all in a matte espresso brownish/black finish). The melon cloches measure ~ 17.5" - 20" diameter x 12” - 13” tall (cloche only) and the drop from where the three chains meet is ~28". Add another two inches to get minimum overall height. Beautiful over a table, in a hallway, or your conservatory, these cloche lights bring the outdoors inside! All cloches have some inherent cloudiness from over 100+ years of mineral deposits, but this serves to diffuse the light beautifully. We presently have three in stock ready to go.

France, CA 1890.

H: 28.5 in  D: 18 in

Price:  SOLD

Ref: LCMC 1015